Self-service loans and loans for 18-year-olds – who pays for it?

Payday loans are a convenient way to quickly obtain funds for any purpose. With the fact that they were most often only available to people over 20 years of age. Are parabank offers also for younger adults? How do I apply for self-service loans before I am 20?

Young people also need cash to make their dreams come true. Once the cut-off age for loans was 20. Currently, most banks, but also parabanks, reduce this age to the age of majority, ie 18 years.

Self-service loans and loans for 18-year-olds – who pays for it?

Self-service loans and loans for 18-year-olds - who pays for it?

Contrary to appearances, both sides gain here. Young people willingly invest the acquired funds and do not conservatively approach finances. High loan amounts are an opportunity for them not only to buy pleasure, but also to invest in their future and increase their resources. Of course the lender provide loans only to those passing the verification of identity and whose risk assessment is low.

It happens, however, that a loan from a traditional bank will not be available for very young people. A loan without creditworthiness is a specialty of parabanks, which more and more often launch loan offers specifically for students and other young people over 18 years of age.

Online loans for 18 years – how do you find it?

Online loans for 18 years - how do you find it?

Payday loans are loans granted by non-bank institutions that provide the service in several minutes. Loan companies do not require sending documents and limit formalities to the minimum necessary. If a given customer has a positive BIK history – the loan is granted “on the spot”. However, it is worth knowing that parabanks reserve the right to take a closer look at the income sources of persons younger than 20 years. An additional requirement that young people must prepare for is citizenship.

If you are under 20 years of age but you are interested in getting a self-service loan, then the loan ranking will be useful. The more extensive ones inform you about the age limit necessary to take advantage of a specific offer.

Remember that before taking out a loan you should check how high your total debt will be. The term “free loan” usually means that it has no interest, but this does not mean that no further costs are associated with it. Most often, they include commissions and handling fees that significantly affect its amount. The payday loan comparison tool will help you check the repayment of debt according to the conditions of individual companies. In turn, the installment calculator is a helpful tool in calculating the amount of the liability and its repayment date.

Age limits – what are they for?

Age limits - what are they for?

Lenders – both banking institutions and parabanks – earn on benefits provided, but only if they are regularly repaid. It is natural, therefore, that they are trying to protect against granting loans to persons unable to pay them back. For this reason, young people have not been attractive to banks and non-banking companies so far. However, since younger and younger people take up paid activities and additionally receive social or scientific scholarships, the situation has changed significantly.

Non-bank loans – before you decide

Non-bank loans - before you decide

If you are under 20 years old and you do not have much experience in using the offers of financial institutions, you should ask someone experienced for help. Think about whether your source of income is stable enough that repayment of debt will not be problematic for you. In most cases, self-service loans are granted for very short periods – from two to four weeks. If you are interested in long-term loans for a very long period (eg several years), you should probably use the bank offer. In this case, however, you will need a resident (a person who guarantees the security of the bank with his assets in the event of your defaults).